Painting #0015
Untitled Tundra 1 
by Bill Mason (1929 - 1988)


Unframed, oil on unknown paper, 16 cm x 28 cm, unsigned original by Bill Mason circa 1980


".When travelling overland it is a great luxury to be on rock but complete misery to be in muskeg. Because of the permafrost, there is nowhere for the water to go, and it sits in pools and slowly evaporates When the sun shines, the temperature can be uncomfortably hot, bringing out hordes of mosquitoes. When the skies are dull and wind-blown, it can be very cold, even in summer. Despite all this, the Barren Lands have a strange beauty, and I forget the hardships and long to return..." Bill Mason, Canoescapes.


The paintings have been sized by the optimal framing window. Some works are signed, some are not, but each work comes with a letter of authenticity from the Mason family.


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0015 Untitled Tundra 1 - unsigned

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